Definition of Anchor Text

Anchor text refers to the visible text that composes a link to another web page or resource. In the HTML link example that follows, <a href=””>My Example</a> The words “My Example” are the anchor text. Search engines often look at anchor text to determine what the link is about and thus infer the subject of the […]

Definition of Above the Fold

The term “above the fold” comes from the newspaper industry where headlines and advertisements placed above the horizontal fold are known to attract more reader attention. “The fold” refers to the bottom of the browser screen. Items “above the fold” are visible, while those that are “below the fold” aren’t visible unless the user scrolls. […]

Definition of 307 Redirect

A 307 Redirect tells a web browser or search engine that the redirect is temporary. This usually represents a temporary relocation of content, such as if traffic is being re-routed to another server. Permanent moves should be implemented with a 301 Redirect.

Definition of 301 Redirect

A 301 redirect is a method of telling web browsers and search engines that a web page or site has been permanently moved to a new location. Usually a 301 redirect includes the address to which the resource has been moved. Web browsers will typically follow 301 redirects to the new location automatically, without the need for […]